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Bacteria: Causes of Smelly and Bad Body Odor and How to Get Rid of It

Summertime is great; a time for everyone to kick-back, relax, enjoy the beaches and time-off to go on holiday. A stress-free time, usually, until the heat gets a little too much- and you start having to worry about showering at least twice a day to get the stink off you…

Why is it that body odor is extra prevalent around summertime? You might think the answer is obvious: we sweat in the heat, duh! But it’s not the sweat itself that releases bad Odor, it’s the bacteria living in it!

Sweetening is self defending mechanism to keep normal body temperature however pure beauty can help in keeping freshness while maintaining normal body temperature.


Sweaty armpits are the perfect environment for bacteria: they’re damp and, in most cases, warm. This gives those tiny creatures a perfect chance to thrive and multiply. Certain strains of these bacteria break down odor-loss particles found in sweat to release compounds called thioalcohols. These thioalcohols then evaporate from the skin and, you guessed it, release the stench that we all try very hard to avoid.

So, in order to avoid body odor, shouldn’t we get rid of the “perfect” environment for bacteria? Exactly, and this is where antiperspirant deodorants come into play. The combination of both anti-perspirant and deodorant properties makes this a powerful item to add to your daily summer routine. By being an anti-perspirant, this item will stop the production of sweat, meaning the bacteria won’t have the environment needed for growth! Additionally, by being a deodorant, the item would contain a wonderful fragrance that will make you smell fresh and beautiful.

So, should deodorant be a summer essential? YES. Slap on some of this deo, and you’ll find yourself walking around feeling nice and fresh. Here’s to a nice, long, and odor free summer!


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